from Cathy Crosson

Dear Peace Community,

Please let's all keep each other informed, and the public aware, of FBI and other attempts to harass and intimidate the peace movement and other activists.

Yesterday the infamous white single-engine plane showed up at my farm, in Owen Co., in the middle of nowhere. It approached slowly, cut its engine and coasted low over my home. Then it did two slow loops around my farm.

I have not even been very active in the peace movement; I am an activist primarily around environmental issues, mostly I-69 of late. It is clear the FBI is spying on our entire community of activists, and trying to silence all dissent by intimidation.

For those who are too young to remember, the FBI can be counted on to resort to all sorts of horrible dirty tricks to discredit dissidents, ruin their lives, and divide people, as things heat up politically.

In the 60s and 70s, they targeted countless peace activists, civil rights activists (including Martin Luther King) and others for all sorts of unlawful surveillance, and worse. If you were white and affluent, like the actress Jean Seberg, they would just try to ruin your life (she committed suicide in the wake of an FBI campaign of character assassination). If you were a black militant like Fred Hampton, they would murder you in your bed.

We need to hang tight and be protective of each other. As for me, it is not unrealistic to fear that the FBI would try something like planting marijuana on my farm, busting me, and trying to forfeit my farm. I want to go on record as anticipating this possibility, and as stating publicly that I encourage any local law enforcement who are so inclined to search my land for such plantings at any time. I do not smoke (anything), and you can be sure that any such set-up is just that.

Thank you all for what you are doing to stop Bush's fascistic war for oil and world domination.


Cathy Crosson is an activist and a professor in the Indiana University School of Law.